Cool, Quirky, And Funny Birthday Messages for Friends

Birthdays are always a special occasion to celebrate. Apart from cakes, candles and gifts, you can also make the person feel special by inscribing humorous words on the cake or personalize the card with beautiful birthday quotes and sayings. It is a way to express love, gratitude and similar sentiments for the person whose birthday you are celebrating. Let s have a look at the birthday quotes listed in this article.

What can be better than sending your friend a funny happy birthday text on his/her birthday? If your best buddy s birthday is just round the corner, you should surely go through these hilarious birthday greetings. Chuck mushy gifts and greetings, teasing or pulling your friend s leg is any day better than routine happy birthday cards.

A beautiful greeting card that says something sweet to the person whose birthday it is, is an essential of a birthday! While some prefer writing something sentimental, some like going the fun way. While some write long birthday poems in cards, some prefer funny one-liners that make you laugh. Some birthday card messages are of the type that touch you, while some are of the type that tickle your funny bone.

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, not mourned over because another year has swiftly passed you by. In your twenties, life is all about fun and games that end all too soon. But in your thirties, you will learn how to make memories last even longer. The best years of your life are upon you and sulking about how you are another year older, is not how the wise go about life. Be glad to be alive, young, and embarking on a journey that will find you tripping and falling, but rising stronger.

Here are some tips to help you formulate and choose the perfect birthday wish to incorporate into the card. First, decide the type of message you want to write. Do you want it to be funny? Sarcastic? Heartfelt? Emotional? Inspirational? This will also depend on the person you intend to give the card to. Make your message personal. While the card itself may not be remembered, you can be sure that the words you wrote will be remembered for a long time by the person. You could also reference the gift you got for the person, as a means to making the message personal. Before writing the message, read it out for a few people, to make sure it conveys what you want it to. When you are confident about the message, go ahead and write it on the card.

Your birthday is the most important day in your life. It is the day on which you came into existence; the day you were born! On your birthday, take the opportunity to cherish old memories and also plan the year ahead. Birthdays are about celebrating the beginning of a brand new year in your life! Birthday cards have always been a popular accompaniment to birthday gifts.

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