Extremely Sad Love Quotes That are Sure to Make You Cry

The famous quote wherein Romeo admits his infatuation for Juliet, speaks volumes about "it". Even though infatuation and love begin on a similar note and develop in a similar manner, they are always found at loggerheads. The former is considered mere attraction, while the latter a feeling from within. Whether this really holds ground is a subject of debate, and many people, including you perhaps, will have something or the other to say about it.

These romantic French phrases have done more than adorning the pages of Literature. They have solaced and consoled every lonely lover by stating the anomalous behavior of love, they have allowed the eager lover to express his truest feelings to his beloved which would have otherwise remained unexpressed due to the lack of appropriate words, and inspired many a writer to create their own masterpiece. So, here s your chance this love season to heat up the magic in your love life by mesmerizing your beloved with some of these French love quotations in any way you like!

These were some quotes from this iconic story of love, that even today proves to be an inspiration for many young lovers. Here, I leave you with another quote from this epic play, by Mercutio, "You are a lover; borrow Cupid s wings, and soar with them above a common bound."

There is something about continental languages, like French, Spanish, and Italian, that sounds so romantic! Perhaps it is because Europeans are widely perceived to be better lovers than others in the world. Or perhaps it is because every word that either Penélope Cruz Sánchez (for men) and Antonio Banderas (for women) speak, oozes raw sexuality.

"What we need to know about loving is no great mystery. We all know what constitutes loving behavior; we need but act upon it, not continually question it. Over-analysis often confuses the issue and in the end brings us no closer to insight. We sometimes become too busy classifying, separating, and examining, to remember that love is easy. It s we who make it complicated."- Leo Buscaglia

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